Privacy Policy

Thank you for choosing Candor Services ("us, "we", "our"). We may store select information and data that is collected upon joining our discord, website, and by interacting with our staff. By interacting with our Services ("Services"), the customer ("you", "your") agree to this privacy policy and its guidelines.

When necessary, we may be asked to provide your email address, payment information, and other pieces of information pertinent to a sale or commission.

Information We Collect

We collect information in accordance with the laws of the United States. Collected information will never be shared for any unlawful purpose or without your permission. The following list indicates the information that we may collect from you upon interacting with our Services.

  1. Account Name - We may collect your account name and information so to reach out throughout the duration of the commission and or for future contact purposes.
  2. Email - We may collect your email address as a way to contact you while you are commissioning your services.
  3. Payment - We may collect payment information based off a method of payment. We will not accept payment from any portal which is reasonably considered unsafe.
  4. Conversation Logs - Our staff may keep logs of conversations to refer back to throughout and after the commission process for quality assurance purposes.
  5. Time Stamps - We may record the date and time of communications for reference and records.
  6. Ticket Information - We may collect ticket information pertaining to support and commission inquiries.

How We Use The Information

We use the information to ensure you have the best customer experience possible.

The information we collect is to improve your experience. We log certain information so to document the commission process. We may also use information and customer feedback for internal research and improvement. Collected data will never be sold, distributed, or sent to anyone outside of our company or our partners.

Information Security

All collected information is protected using a multitude of security measures. Any personally identifiable information ('P.I.I') is safely stored through the respective portals. For example, transactions on Paypal will encrypt account information.

We are constantly monitoring information security and may make adjustments to our forms of communication and payment as necessary to ensure customer safety.

Information Disclosure

Information and data collected will not be disclosed, sold, or traded with third parties for any reason. Therefore there is no risk when inputting your information on our website. Data, when appropriate may be released to law enforcement or when it is in the interests of protecting the safety of the website and its users.

We may, however, provide select information to our partners for the intent of fulfilling the commission task.

Sensitive information (P.I.I) will not be disturbed and will be managed in accordance with the law.

Policy Updates

Should for any reason this Privacy Policy change, it is your job to review any updates. We will try to notify all clients of any significant changes occurring to any of our policies.

If at any point in time you have any questions about our privacy policy or guidelines please reach out to us at