Refund Policy

Thank you for choosing Candor Services ("us, "we", "our"). While we hope to rarely use our refund policy, we recognize the need to ensure that our customers ('you', 'your') expectations are met. In the event of a refund or if you plan to request a refund, please be advised of the outlined conditions. By agreeing to commission Candor Services, you automatically agree to the following:

Our Guarantee

We will make it right. We recognize that not every project will go according to plan While we are constantly innovating and ensuring that we put our best foot forward. As part of this commitment to service, we will offer full refunds for projects that are not started, and potential refunds for both unsatisfied and substandard service.

Please be advised that to qualify for a refund, you must complete the entire refund process outlined below and abide by all terms and conditions outlined in our policy.

Unsatisfactory Services

Throughout commission process, we are committed to working closely with you to ensure that the end result meets your needs. In the extraordinary circumstance where this does not occur, we encourage you to review our refund process and submit a claim for a partial refund.

For late projects, you may apply for a refund up to 5% off the total for each day late up to 75%. This is our way to ensure that we deliver each and every project in a timely manner as outlined in our agreement.

Substandard Services

We are in the quality business. Every project, every commission, and every sale must meet our rigorous expectations before yours. Should we fail to make this commitment and deliver a subpar product or provide subpar services, you may submit a substandard service claim.

Refund Process

To submit a refund claim, please contact our support email or join our discord and create a ticket using -hr. Please consider the following prior to making a claim.

  1. Determine the category of the claim (Belated service, Unsatisfactory Result, or Substandard Service)
  2. Provide a DETAILED description of the claim
  3. Note your name, an email or preferred method of contact.

We are committed to making every situation right and hope to rarely use this process.

Submit A Claim

When submitting a claim, please contact us via email or through our support channel on our public discord.
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